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The Name


1with Source – yes! For months now I have been doing soul searching in order to find out exactly what the name of my blog, business and future website will be…and I am finally sure of what this name is.  1with Source – yes!

What is so exciting to me is that this name fits exactly every one who has some sort of belief regarding a higher power.  What is your belief?  That there is an Omnipotent Creator who is the Source of all?  Do you believe in a Heavenly Father?  A Heavenly Mother?  Higher Consciousness? Do you call your source God?  Jehovah?  the Universe? Is it Love? Peace?  Some of my atheist friends believe that the Source of everything is within them.  Others believe that the Source is in the connection with all there is… In reality, Source is beyond religion.  It is based on what you believe it is!   It does not matter!  It is what it is!  It is what YOU want it to be!  How great is that!

If we go back to the belief that we are all One, your belief in what Source is does not matter because regardless of what that believe is it always goes back to the Oneness…The Source for me is God, Heavenly Father/Mother, the Universe.  My belief is that, if we are children of God/Goddess, of Heavenly Father/Mother, then we are all aspects of God/Goddess, Heavenly Father/Mother.  I figure, we are humans because we are children of humans.  So, if we are Children of God/Goddess, aren’t we gods and goddesses?  No, I am not saying that we are The God, but that as aspects of God, our Creator we are also gods and goddesses and if God is the Creator – doesn’t that make us co-creators?

Think about the possibilities of owning this reality!  Knowing that we are one with Source as you see it, means that you have the same attributes!  It means that you are able to co-create your reality instead of continuing to be the “victim” of circumstances.  Here is where the Laws of Attraction and Abundance come in.  However, being that for generations we have been programmed at an energetic level as separate from Source, or God as you see this connection, it does take awareness and dedication in order to reprogram ourselves to go back to our original reality which is one of Oneness with all.  The marvelous thing about this is that due to the energetic changes going on in this planet now, it is not as difficult as it was in the past to achieve our spiritual evolution.  We can now say that this state of Oneness can actually be achieved.  The way I have experienced this Oneness is through the “Zero Point”.  I finally became aware that a feeling that I had experienced a few times was actually the “Zero Point”.  The Oneness with all.  How does that experience feel?  Well, it is difficult to explain.  But I will attempt to explain my experience of it in a future posting.

For now I would like to end this post by saying that I am thankful to God/Goddess, Our Creator and Source, the Universe, for assisting me to finally hear and manifest this name and for His/Her assistance in finally writing my first posting.

May the Universe bless all of us…And so it is!

Alex Ruiz-Vasquez

Transformational Life Coach, Animal Communicator, Toe/Soul Reader,EMF Balancing Technique Technique Practitioner/Supervisory Teacher, Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, Energy Worker




1. Linda - August 10, 2014

Like your home page and this one too. Thank you for doing such a good toe reading on me and my husband yesterday. My little toe is so happy today, lifting up and feeling free.

Alex - August 10, 2014

Linda I am so excited to hear that this worked for you! I was so honored to serve you and your husband yesterday. Blessings!

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