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Is there such a thing as Right vs Wrong? December 16, 2009

Posted by Alex in Home.
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Is there really a right and wrong way of doing something or thinking about something?  In Spanish there is a saying that says “Cada cabeza es un mundo”.  Roughly translated it means – Each head is a different world.  The idea is that since we all have had different experiences in our lives and our experiences determine our perspective, each one of us will see the same thing with in a different way.  I read once that there are 360 different ways to look at a sculpture based on where we stand in relationship to it.  Since there are 360 degrees in a circle, every time we stand at a different degree in that circle, what we see will be slightly different from the previous position.  Based on this concept then, if there are billions of humans in the planet, and we each have experienced life in a different way, even in the same family, then there are billions of different perspectives.  This would mean, then, that there are no rights or wrongs, just different ways of doing things based on our own life screens which are influenced by our own individual experiences.

What if we go even deeper than that?  I was listening to a teleclass where the speaker instructed that we all come with a goal to this planet of what we are to learn in this particular life.  He then said that we begin to make the “wrong” decisions based on our early learning and that takes us away from completing our goal.  Based on this perspective, we sometimes meet the goal and sometimes we don’t. Without saying that this viewpoint is “wrong” I would like to introduce a different point of view.

What if all of it is all part of the “lesson”?  I am now 55 and I believe that I have finally put the last piece of the puzzle of my life together.  It was just a few months ago that I finally realized how everything fits so beautifully together.  When I was 20 I made a decision that I regretted most of my life.  I would tell myself that, if I had made a different decision I would have had a “normal” life, which translated means, it would have been a safe, comfortable life.  Instead I went through this roller coaster of a life.  I must say, I had great fun but, I often wondered, why would Our Heavenly Father/Mother abandon me at that time and did not help me to make the “right” decision?  I prayed and prayed at that time for guidance, why wasn’t I put in the “right” path? Why did I have to go through all that I went through?  Why didn’t the people involved help me make the “right” decision? Granted, I learned a lot and had lots and lots of fun, but, why couldn’t my life had been easier and simpler?  During different stages in my life I would get a message that would reassure me that what I had just experienced had prepared me for what came next.  And you know, it made perfect sense at the time.  It all seemed to make sense except for that particular decision I made at 20.  Then, finally the answer came to me a few months ago.  You see, at that time, after I realized I had made what I thought was the “wrong” decision I decided I would never, ever again leave things at a chance.  Before then, I was a very prudent, sensible, “wise” decision maker.   I was always afraid of making mistakes or of doing the “wrong” or socially inappropriate thing.  Then, this happened and I decided that, from then on, if I wanted to do something I would do it.  That if I wanted to go out with someone I would ask them out even if at the time it was still not appropriate for women to ask men out for a date.  I decided that nothing would stop me from doing whatever it was that I wanted to do.  I did not see problems or obstacles only marvelous possibilities! I can see now that had I not made this “wrong” decision, I would definitely had continued living my life in fear – fear of not being liked, fear of not fitting in, of making mistakes, etc…Instead I lived in a world of “cans” not “cannot’s”.  What a blessing!

What I learned through the years was that every experience I had had helped me to learn to be empathetic towards others, helped me to understand where they came from without judgment, helped them to feel more comfortable with me because they knew I had also been there done that.  In other words, I came to teach from experience.  Yes, my studies have helped me to better understand the healing process, but my experiences have helped me to serve others from a place of Love.  I can help others from the heart, not the head…How can I teach others to love themselves if I did not have to learn the same thing for myself?  How can I teach others not to judge themselves if I have not learned that from my experiences? How can I teach others to deal with the pain that comes from some of our experiences if I have never had to work with my own pain?  How can I give others hope that indeed there is a light at the end of the tunnel if I had not seen my own light?

Believe me, when I made this realization my heart was full with love and gratitude and humility.  Love and gratitude for the Universe, love and gratitude for those people in my life that did what they did to help me live my life exactly as I was meant to live it in order to give myself permission to live without fear.  What a ride!!!!  And humility in the realization that those people who helped me – even when at the time I did not think they were helping me – were willing to accept my resentment towards them all these years…all out of Universal love.  Even if they did not consciously know that is what they were doing.  Asking for forgiveness was definitely in order!

So, I propose that, instead of looking at our decisions as wrong or right, or looking at them as taking us away from what we came to learn, they are actually exactly what they need to be and they are another link, another step that will take us exactly where we are going.  If we did not have to have that experience to learn something, we would not make that decision in the first place.  Every single decision we make is based on what we need to learn at the time to take us to our ultimate goal.  Every experience we have takes us closer and closer to our Spiritual Evolution, to achieving that goal that we set for ourselves before we came to this planet so we can better serve humanity.

Can you see your Glory?  Can you see how everything fits in your life?  Let me know.

Alex Ruiz-Vasquez

Alex is also an Animal Communicator, Toe/Soul Reader,
EMF Balancing Technique Practitioner/Supervisory Teacher,
Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, Energy Worker